Why Soliciting a Prostitute is a Bad Idea

Some people closely relate to Hugh Heffner and his statement, ‘relax…it’s just sex’ so much that they freely express themselves and sexuality without a single worry or wonder. In fact, many people use prostitution as a way to live out their fantasies and get on-demand sex when no one else is there or when they want something different than what’s at home. Do you see a problem already? If not, just wait until you’re done reading this.

Sure, sex is natural and it’s enjoyable for us all.  Some people feel that prostitution should be legal because it is simply sex and feel that we should be able to do with our bodies what we choose. Prostitution isn’t such a bad thing in their eyes. And while this attitude is perfectly fine if that’s your opinion of the matter, there’s still no denying the fact that it is illegal and that your decision comes with many consequences at the end of the day if you’re used for the act.

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If you’re busted for soliciting a prostitute, it can ruin relationships with your significant other. Is a night with a paid prostitute really worth an argument, a ruined relationship and other mishaps? STDs are a risk, as well as pregnancy and other similar concerns. Plus, when you’re arrested, there is a risk that your name, photo, or even video will appear in the newspaper and in other publications and on the ‘net. A tarnished name is easy to get when you are busted for prostitution charges. Plus, when you go to court, the court may order you to attend john school online, pay fines, and deal with other headaches you’d probably rather avoid.

It’s just sex, sure, and while we’d like to do as we wish with our lives, laws are there to protect us. Abide by the laws and stay safe.